One year ago today, I started my journey to health. Little did I know, it was a journey that was along the lines of the beginning stages of an eating disorder. For months I carried on, convincing myself I was doing the right thing, being” healthy” when underneath I was obsessed with getting skinny. This journey took me months and months of struggle to recover from, a struggle to love myself, struggle to have a normal relationship with food and a struggle to go a couple of minutes without thinking about food. Now, a year later, I look back and I can see where I went wrong, all of my faults and where I went wrong. 10 kgs and 5 months later, I feel that I now have a somewhat normal normal relationship with food, and I am so proud of myself for this. I am excited and energised for the future! God bless xxx

7:08 am  •  4 June 2013


open drawer for an eating utensil
pelvic thrust it closed 

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